Существенные детали FrameByFrame
Рост6' - 6'3" [185см - 195см]
Вес200 - 225 фунтов [90 - 100 кг]
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JULIA212118, Tikalah
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Nasty people
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This is a big thank you for everything that you do for me, James. Pleasant to spend time with you, seeing you immediately there is joy. You deserve the best words. Best King🥰😘😘😘🤗
Thanks you baby
Kisses for you! <3
Love love)
Thank you James so much. I really value you and everything you do for me. You are always near and in my thoughts
. (and I'm learning Russian, I'm glad to help you know)
My beloved James I miss you 🥰🥰🥰
You are the source of my desire!
Thank you for your tenderness and understanding.
For every minute of your attention! I am happy when I see you at my place. You're just a fire that kindles me. And then for a long time can not go out. James, you make me indescribable. I just kicks with you!!!
James, everything you do just stirs the best of the word. Goosebumps .. dry in throat. You must immediately put next to a glass of water. I just dissolve and get great pleasure and charge from you. You are wonderful😘🥰🥰🥰🥰😍
The KING of my orgasms. James, you know how to bring me to the peak of passion .. when it is difficult to describe what is happening inside me. Our fun with you every time remains in my memory .. Just an incredible man .. you know how I love you .. I send you many hugs
As I always wait for your visit, only you know. You always bring positive fire and many orgasms. Every time the first thing .. what are you doing ... I always feel you so much that there is an explosion in me. And your today's phrase "about heaven" will remain in my memory for a long time. You are the best
When you come, something indescribable always happens. Head spin on what you do with me. The sheer pleasure of which throats in the throat, breathing becomes very languid, when you can not say a word and it's all about you. James you make me happy😙🤗🤩
James, you're a man of fire. You give me bright and juicy orgasms, although you are not around. Easy and exciting conversations. I am very happy with you. I send a million kisses😘😘😘😇