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24, Телец
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Существенные детали devochka-kira
Сексуальные предпочтенияТрадиционная
Рост5'4" - 5'6" [160см - 170см]
Вес100 - 120 фунтов [46 - 55 кг]
Этническое происхождениеЕвропейское/Кавказское
ЯзыкиРусский, Английский
Интимная стрижкаБритая
Размер грудиСредняя
Меня возбуждает
Всем привет, меня зовут Кира, умная красивая и с хорошим чувством юмора ,больше всего меня возбуждает красивое мускулистое тело. и смотреть как вы кончите глядя на меня, играйте в игры что бы увидеть меня голой, А в подглядках в групповом и привате. все что вы захотите.

Обо мне
I am Kira, this is the main place of work, I am engaged in strip plastics,
Меня отталкивает
Хамство, Грубость,непонимание...........Во фри чате только общаюсь, без стимула не выполняю никакие просьбы, если нечего предложить, любуйтесь тем что видите , делайте комплименты и продолжайте мило болтать со мной. Любая грубость написанная на стену гарантированный Бан лист!!!!!!!
Что можно увидеть в моих вебкам-шоу
Рабочие часы devochka-kira
Понедельник 10:00 – 13:00
Вторник 10:00 – 13:00
Среда 10:00 – 13:00
Четверг 10:00 – 13:00
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My Ideal ´man

He must be a mature, distinguished, fun-loving, gentleman.

I love getting totally get lost in each other for whatever length of time we are spending together. Where we can give our undivided attention to each other.

I find that thought rather delicious!

Favorite movies

Black Swan (2010) CAST: Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler, Lisa Kudrow, James Marsters, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Gina Gershon, Kathy Bates, Dean Winters, Harry Connick Jr.; DIRECTED BY: Richard LaGravenese; Features: - 11" x 17" Why it's timeless: Shakespearean reboots reigned supreme in the '90s, and this one knocked it out of the park. Plus, baby Heath Ledger. 333Memorable line: 'I guess in this society, being male and an asshole makes you worthy of our time.'

Love lingerie

I love to feel confident and look sensational in the bedroom with our huge range of sexy lingerie. 


I want to Netherlands

Картинки по запросу netherlands

Although almost half of it was once under water, the Netherlands is one of the most urbanized - and densely populated - nations on earth, with a huge range of places to visit packed into a relatively small area. A remarkable country - I want to watch this country's beauty!


Список желаний devochka-kira
Apple iPhone 8 256 GB Gold
Apple iPhone 8 256 GB Gold
A representative of the new generation of iPhones! The most popular 2017 wishlist item of every model! With all-new glass design and incredibly smart functions this device will help models feel special and will always keep them up-to-date.
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Agent Provocateur Felinda Suspender Black
Agent Provocateur Felinda Suspender Black
Wearing fine lingerie can empower women, and not just sexually. Your favourite girl will feel like a true queen wearing this new Felinda Suspender!
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Agent Provocateur Felinda Thong Black
Agent Provocateur Felinda Thong Black
Wearing fine lingerie can empower women, and not just sexually. Your favourite girl will feel like a true queen wearing this new Felinda Thong!
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Комментарии (2)
You are so beautiful. The sexy eyes which can melt a man's soul (a woman's too)... that silky hair... those perfectly soft and shapely breasts... that wonderfully toned body flexing in every pleasurable detail with the pleasure you receive... You are amazing in every way. Have fun with what you are doing, and do it for fun. You can't put out a bad video, so don't feel pressured to do anything. Just do you, and you will be golden. Thank you so much for sharing yourself!
I certainly hope you like and want what you see!

A little about me…I lead a structured and clean lifestyle. I take great pride in always looking my best and keeping myself in the best possible shape. I greatly enjoy working out, and pampering myself to ensure that I always look my absolute best at all times for you. 

 I live life to the fullest every day.

devochka-kira I certainly hope you like and want what you see! custom pic 1devochka-kira I certainly hope you like and want what you see! custom pic 2

Others have described me as intellectually flexible, grounded, ambitious, silly at times, but I’ll leave that for you to decide. Dipping my toes in many worlds lends a richness and complexity which I crave, perhaps you understand.

I want our time together to be extraordinary and find a non-rushed encounter to be the best path towards the realization of that goal!

Love and Kisses,


Favorite things to do

Traveling, music, visual art and film are some of my ultimate passions.


Additionally, I revel in the luxuries of life and love to pamper myself. Spa visits, tropical vacations, travel, & wining and dining are always somewhere on my schedule as well as going out to see obscure art/cinema, theater, concerts, and gallery visits…

As for our enjoyment together. I truly do want to get to know you and have an exciting and fulfilling experience with one another.

Many spas incorporate natural elements into their treatments, such as sea salt, fragrant essential oils, and flower petals. 


Favorite flowers

rose wow STICKER

Roses can have several different meanings depending on their color. Red roses symbolize love and desire, while dark red roses are a symbol of unconscious beauty. Pink roses mean grace, happiness and gentleness; white roses mean purity, innocence, reverence, and silence; yellow roses symbolize new beginnings, joy and friendship; orange roses symbolize desire and enthusiasm; and coral roses symbolize friendship, modesty and empathy. Lavender roses represent love at first sight.

Our Valentine's Day wish list is simple. Anything and everything pink! | Mary Kay I’ve been using this wallpaper for 3 whole years.